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Welcome to Hiker to Hiker

My mission is to get people out of their cars, into the woods and hiking.

I support outdoor organizations that support the trails.


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Tulip Trees - Straight and Tall

October 1, 2014

poplarscaldwellfork12-A.jpgThese trees are big. A sign on the Caldwell Fork Trail says "Big Poplars" with an arrow, inviting hikers to visit the trees on a short spur trail.

"How many people do we need to encircle this tree?" I say. "Let's hold hands all the way around." Hikers climb on the tree roots and I take a picture of the group. Most are too engrossed in stretching their arms to the next person to realize that I'm taking photos of their butts. Holding on to people on either side of you with your whole body plastered against the poplar is uncomfortable and unsteady. They let go and return to eat their lunches.

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