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These are sample hikes from my two books.



1. Mount Mitchell    
2. Black Mountain
3. Mountains-to-Sea Trail    
4. Dupont State Forest & Flat Rock
5. Upstate South Carolina    
6. Pisgah District-East
7. Pisgah District-West     
8. Great Smoky Mountains National Park
9. Nantahala National Forest    
10. Appalachian Trail
11. Hikes for Vacationers
1. Before the Blue Ridge
2. Northwest Corner
3. Blowing Rock
4. The High Country
5. Hot Springs
6. Pisgah - Appalachian District
7. Hickory Nut Gorge
8. Pisgah District
9. Great Smoky Mountains National Park
10. Highlands Plateau
11. Cherohala Skyway


Keep in Touch
Let me know your favorite hikes in the Southern Appalachians. Give as much details as you have.

How difficult is the hike?
Length and elevation gain together determine how strenuous the hike is. Sometimes, the quality of the trail makes the hike more or less difficult.

What is the distance?
The total distance means just that: the total distance for the hike, whether it's a loop or an in/out hike. A few hikes are shuttle hikes - one way hikes requiring two cars,

How long should it take?

The standard for fit hikers is two miles an hour. A rocky trail, one with a lot of elevation gain or with many flowers will take longer. Don't rush the hike.

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