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Basin Creek in Doughton Park

Caudill Cabin

Doughton Park’s Basin Creek Cove was once home to over 50 families. On this solitary walk, you’ll discover few people but many artifacts. You’ll ford Basin Creek up to 16 times, passing elaborate rock formations, cascades, and several waterfalls. The trail leads you deep into the cove and ends at the Caudill Cabin, the only remaining structure.

Length: 10.2 miles

Altitude gain: 1,500 feet

Map: Available at the Blue Ridge Parkway District Ranger Office at milepost 245.5 or the gift shop at milepost 241

Trailhead: The hike starts on Grassy Gap Fire Rd., off Longbottom Rd. From Blue Ridge Parkway milepost 248, take NC 18 east (toward N. Wilkesboro) for 6.0 miles. Make a left on Longbottom Rd. and drive for 6.6 miles. Watch for a small parking area on the right side of the road after a bridged stream; a metal sign on the bridge reads “269.” The trailhead is on the left side of the road. The Doughton Park sign is visible only after you get on the trail.

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