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Graybeard Mountain

On top of Graybeard Mountain, you'll have views of ridges upon ridges to Mt. Mitchell with little evidence of human presence except for this shelter.

On the Graybeard Trail [blue diamond], you’ll cross and recross Flat Creek to reach the Old Mitchell Toll Road [unblazed]. Once on the Old Mitchell Toll Road, you can see that it was once a one-way road. It is still a road, since you’ll pass two cabins.

Cutting west on the Old Trestle Road [unblazed] back to the Graybeard Trail, you’ll climb up to Graybeard Mountain with good views of the surrounding northern ridges. On the way down, take the Walker’s Knob Trail [Orange] to Walker’s Knob for outstanding views. Then return on the Graybeard Trail.

Length: 8.0 miles
Altitude gain: 2,180 feet

: Montreat Map available at the Montreat Bookshop

Trailhead: Take I-40 to exit 64, Black Mountain . Take NC 9 north and go through Black Mountain. Continue on NC 9 to the Montreat gates on Assembly Drive. Go up Graybeard Trail Road to the end of the road and park opposite the Walker C. Jones Sanctuary.

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